Hmyria Borys Romanovych


August 8, 2022

Boris Romanovych Hmyrya (July 23 [August 5] 1903(19030805) Lebedyn, Kharkiv province - August 1, 1969, Kyiv, Ukrainian SSR, USSR) was an outstanding Ukrainian opera and chamber singer (bass). People's Artist of the USSR (1951), laureate of the Stalin Prize (1952).


He was born in 1903 in Lebedyn (now Sumy region, Ukraine) in a poor, large family. His father was a stove-builder, his mother a seamstress. At the age of 11, after finishing primary school, he goes to work. He was a helper for his father at the construction site, a boy on errands in the court, a manual worker at a shipyard and a porter in Sevastopol, a sailor and a stoker on commercial steamships. During the Holodomor of 1932-1933, Hmyri's father and sister died, and the singer miraculously saved his mother. In 1930, he entered the Kharkiv Engineering and Construction Institute, which he graduated with honors in 1935. In 1935-1936, he was a graduate student at the Kharkiv Research Institute of Buildings. He managed to write a scientific article. In the fourth year, Hmyrya was invited to audition at the conservatory. Hmyrya, as an exception, received the right to study at two universities at the same time. In 1939, he also graduated with honors from the Kharkiv Conservatory. He studied vocals with the famous teacher Pavel Golubev, a student of the famous Federico Bugamelli. At the same time (from 1936) he began to perform on the stage of the Kharkiv Opera House. In 1939-1957, he worked at the Kyiv Opera and Ballet Theater (with a break). From September 19, 1943 to June 1, 1944, he worked in Kamianets-Podilskyi: first in the Poltava Music and Drama Theater transferred here by the Germans, and after the arrival of the Red Army — in the city music and drama theater. In 1962, D. Shostakovich asked Boris Hmyra to sing at the premiere of his 13th symphony, but B. Hmyra refused, fearing the condemnation of party leaders. Borys Hmyrya died on August 1, 1969. Buried at Baikovo cemetery in Kyiv. In 1979, a tombstone was installed (granite; sculptor Xanfiy Kuznetsov, architect Vasyl Hniezdylov at the expense of Hmyra Vira Augustivna's wife (the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Ukraine refused to allocate the required amount of funds from the state budget).


He had a voice with a wide range, unlimited expressive possibilities, a soft, beautiful timbre; There is a singer