Dante Alighieri


May 25, 2022

| Residence | Lib Dante Alighieri (Italian: Dante Alighieri; 18 (22) May / 31 May (4 June) 1265, Florence - 13/14 September 1321, Ravenna) - a prominent Italian poet of the Renaissance, writer and politician, which is called the "Father of Italian Literature". He was the first to write literary works in the vernacular (ie Italian) language, not Latin. His major work of art, the poem "Divine Comedy" (Italian: la Divina Commedia), is considered a masterpiece of world literature.


Early years and family

He was born in Florence to a noble family. The exact date of Dante's birth is unknown: according to various sources, he was born in 1265 between 14 (18) May and 31 May (4 June). . There are speculations that he was taught at home. It is also known that he studied at the University of Bologna, but did not graduate. Dante studied Tuscan poetry at a time when the Sicilian Poetic School (Scuola poetica siciliana) became famous in Tuscany. Dante was also interested in the poetry of the Occitan troubadours and the classical poetry of antiquity, and was particularly fond of Virgil's work. His family was well known in Florence and supported the Guelphs, a political alliance that sided with the Papacy and was in difficult opposition to the Ghibellines, who supported the Holy Roman Emperor. Due to internal contradictions at the end of the XIII century, the Guelphs, in turn, were divided into black Guelphs and white Guelphs and were already at war with each other. Dante claimed that his family came from the ancient Romans (Inferno, XV, 76), but the oldest relative he could mention was Kacchaguida of the Champs Elysees (Paradiso, XV, 135), who lived no earlier than 1100. Dante's father, Alighiero de Belincheone, was a white Guelph who did not retaliate against the Ghibellines after they won the battle of Montapert in the early thirteenth century. This suggests that the Alighiero family had a certain prestige and influential status. The poet's mother's name was Bella. She died when Dante was 5 or 6 years old and his father remarried to Lapa di Chiarisimo Cialufi. But whether he really married her is not known for sure, because in those days it was not easy for widows. However, it is well known that this