August 13, 2022

Denmark (Danish Danmark; pronounced Datchyna) is a Scandinavian founding country in Northern Europe, which is part of the Kingdom of Denmark. Located to the southwest of Sweden and to the south of Norway, it has a land border with Germany. Denmark covers an area of ​​43,094 km² and has a population of 5,792,202 (2020). The country consists of the Jutland peninsula, an archipelago and 443 islands, 70 of which are inhabited. The islands are characterized by flat arable land and sandy shores, low altitude and moderate climate. The United Kingdom of Denmark was formed in the 8th century as a seafaring state in the struggle for control over the Baltic Sea. Danish rule over the Kalmar Union, formed in 1397 with Norway and Sweden, ended with the secession of Sweden in 1523. Scania (now southern Sweden) and the island of Gotland still remained part of Denmark in 1645 (Peace of Brømsebro) and 1658 (Peace of Roskilde), respectively. However, Denmark left the union with Norway, which lasted until 1814. Denmark inherited an expansive colonial empire from the union, giving it control over the Faroe Islands and Greenland. Starting from the 17th century, several cessions of territory took place; they ended in the 1830s with a surge of nationalist movements, which were suppressed in 1864 during the Second Schleswig War. Denmark maintained neutrality in the First World War. During the German invasion in April 1940, the country offered virtually no military resistance, while the Danish resistance movement was active from 1943 until the German surrender in May 1945. Having been an industrialized exporter of agricultural products in the second half of the 19th century, Denmark implemented a series of social and labor reforms in the early 20th century, which laid the foundations for the current social model with a highly developed and mixed economy. The Danish constitution, adopted on June 5, 1849, ended the era of absolute monarchy that began in 1660 and established a constitutional monarchy organized as a parliamentary democracy. The current monarch is Queen Margrethe II. The government and the national parliament sit in Copenhagen, which is the capital, largest city and commercial center of the country. Denmark has been a member of the European Union since 1973, taking advantage of that