July 5, 2022

Detroit (in diasporic editions Detroit; English Detroit, from the French Détroit - strait) is the largest city in the northern state of Michigan, the Midwest of the United States and the center of Wayne County. Located in the southeastern part of the state on the Detroit River, which borders the Great Lakes and through which the border between the United States and Canada passes. Detroit used to be known as the world's automotive center and is associated in American pop culture as the "Motor City" and "Mo-Town". Other nicknames of the city arose in the 20th century: "City of Champions" for the success of its residents in individual and team sports, "Arsenal of Democracy" (during World War II), as well as "Ze Dee", "D-town", " Hockey Town" (a trademark owned by the city's NHL hockey club Detroit Red Wings), "Roxy City" (in honor of the song "Detroit Rock City" by the band "Kiss"), and "Ze 3-1-3" (telephone area code).In 2010, 713,777 people lived within the city limits (2010) and it was in 18th place in terms of population among US cities. The most people lived in Detroit in 1950, when the city was considered the fifth most populous in the country. However, since those times, many have moved to live in the suburbs. In the first decade of the 21st century, the city's population decreased by 25%. Among the leading American cities, only New Orleans showed a more significant decrease in population during this period than Detroit. the "Detroit Metro" area with a population of 4 million 296 thousand 250 people (2009), This suburb is the 11th most populous suburb in the US. If we also take into account the neighboring area of ​​Canada Windsor (across the river), the region around Detroit is home to almost 5,700,000 people.



In the late 17th century, while sailing the Detroit River on the ship Le Griffon, a Catholic priest from France, Louis Hennepin, noted in a notebook that the north bank of the river was an ideal place for settlement. There, in 1701, the French officer Antoine de Lamothe De-Cadillac, together with 51 Canadians of French origin, founded a settlement that he named "Fort Ponchartrain du Détroit (on the Straits)" (French: Fort Ponchartrain du Détroit) in honor of the French minister of naval forces at the time of the king Louis XIV. Later, Franzi