July 5, 2022

Genoa Cricket and Football Club (Italian: Genoa Cricket and Football Club 1893) is an Italian football club from the city of Genoa. Performs in the highest Italian league ("Serie A"). It was founded on September 7, 1893 and is the oldest currently active football club in the country. During its long history, "Genoa" won the Italian championship nine times. Genoa won its first title in the first league in 1898, and its last in the 1923/24 season. The club also won the Coppa Italia once. Historically, "Genoa" is the fourth Italian club in the number of championships won. Since 1911, the club has played its home matches at the Luigi Ferraris Stadium. Since 1946, Genoa has shared the arena with the newly created Sampdoria team. Meetings between these two teams were called the Derby della Lanterna ("Lantern Derby", which takes its name from the Genoese lighthouse). Genoa spent most of their post-war history balancing between Serie A and Serie B, with two brief spells in Serie C.


Early years

The club was founded on September 7, 1893 under the name Genoa Cricket & Athletic Club. In its early years, it was mainly involved in athletics and cricket, with the football section being of secondary importance. As the club was founded by the British, the original shirts worn by the team were white, the same color as the England national team shirts. Initially, Italians were not allowed to join the organization because it was a British sports club abroad. Club "Genoa" was located in the north-west of the city in the Campasso area, on the Piazza d'Armi. The founders of the club were: Charles De Grave Sells, who became the first president of Genoa, George Blake, S. Green, W. Riley, George Fowkes, H. M. Sandys, Henry De Thierry, Jonathan Summergill, Sr., Jonathan Summergill, Jr. , as well as Charles Alfred Peyton, Baronet of the British Empire and Her Majesty Queen Victoria's Consul General in Genoa. The club held competitions in various team and individual sports, especially in the Anglo-Saxon tradition, such as cricket, water polo or football. With the opening of the Suez Canal, Genoa became an important trading port, among which there were a large number of British and the club's players liked to practice s�