John Jay


May 19, 2022

John Jay (December 12, 1745 - May 17, 1829) - American politician, statesman, revolutionary, diplomat, founding father of the United States, President of the Continental Congress (1778-1779), the first President of the Supreme Court (1789-1795) ). During and after the American Revolution, he was a minister (ambassador) to Spain and France, helping to shape American foreign policy and ensuring favorable conditions for peace with the British (Jay's Agreement) and the French. Together with Alexander Hamilton and James Madison, he co-authored The Federalist, a collection of 85 articles in support of ratification of the US Constitution. As the leader of the newly formed Federalist Party, Jay was the governor of New York State, the author of the first constitution of New York State and a leading fighter against slavery. His first two attempts to pass a law on the liberation of slaves in 1777 and 1785 failed, but the third attempt in 1799 was successful. See also The founding fathers of the United States Jay's contract


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