Dnipro State Medical University


August 8, 2022

Dnipro State Medical University is one of the oldest higher educational institutions in Ukraine. It was founded on September 15, 1916 on the basis of the Katerynoslav Higher Women's Course. The status of the university dates back to 1920. The structure of the university includes 6 faculties (three medical, dental, faculty of foreign students, and faculty of postgraduate education), where more than 4,500 students and trainee doctors study. 646 teachers work at 59 departments, of which 98 are doctors of science and 359 are candidates of science. In total, more than 1,100 employees work at the university. 42 clinical departments are located on the bases of 28 hospitals and use more than 15,000 hospital beds. 29 specialized centers are organized on the clinical bases of the university. The university occupies an area of ​​85 hectares. It has 8 educational buildings with a total area of ​​52,000 m², which house 608 classrooms, offices and laboratories. 2,849 students and trainee doctors live in 7 dormitories with an area of ​​46,000 m². The university has at its disposal a sports complex, a vivarium, a sanatorium-prophylactic, a sports and health camp, a scientific library, a Technocenter and two museums.

Faculties and specialties

1st medical ("Treatment business") 2nd medical ("Pediatrics" and "Medical and preventive affairs") Dental ("Dentistry") Faculty of Postgraduate Education (Postgraduate training of specialists at the faculty is carried out in 26 specialties, internships — in 29 specialties, clinical residency — in 34 specialties) Faculty of Education of Foreign Students ("Medical Affairs", "Pediatrics", "Medical and Preventive Affairs", "Dentistry")


Rectors: 1920–1925 — Volodymyr Porfiriyovych Karpov 1925–1928 — Oleksandr Lvovich Levin-Lavretskyi 1928–1932 — Solomon Solomonovich Kagan 1932–1936 — Lev Aronovich Gabinov 1936–1947 — Moisei Markovych Trostyanetskyi 1947–1953 — Ivan Mykhailovych Kucheryavy 1953–1959 — Dmytro Pavlovich Chukhrienko 1959–1964 — Mykola Yakovych Khoroshmanenko 1964–1981 — Inna Ilarionivna Kryzhanivska 1981–1996 — Lyudmila Vasylivna Novytska-Usenko 1996–2016 — Georgy Viktorovych Dzyak. Since 2017, the university has been headed by a corresponding member of the Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine, doctor of medical sciences, professor Tetyana Oleksiivna Pertseva. Scientists