AASHO road test


January 20, 2022

The AASHO Road Test is a series of field experiments conducted by the American Highway Civil Service Association (AASHO) in 1958-60 in Ottawa, Illinois. The purpose of the experiments is to "study the behavior of the road surface and structural elements of bridges under the action of moving loads of a certain magnitude and frequency." They are considered to be the first field experiments to study how cars wear out and destroy pavements and bridges. The results of the experiments were used in setting car taxes and planning road maintenance costs. The AASHO test is the most expensive in the history of construction - 27 million dollars (271 million in 2021 prices) and is considered the most ambitious road test of the twentieth century. 126 trucks and tractors with semi-trailers for 25 months and day and night, in any weather, continuously plying on test tracks. During this time, the car traveled 1,114,000 times on ring routes and covered a total of 17 million miles (27.4 million kilometers). The design of pavements and bridges for US highways is based on the results of AASHO tests, many other countries around the world have also used these results in their regulations.


In the middle of the last century there were changes in road transport. Trucks have become heavier and more powerful, the intensity of passenger cars has increased significantly. There is an urgent need for planning and construction of state and interstate networks of highways with a coating that can withstand heavy loads. The United States was the first to respond to transportation needs. In 1954, US President Dwight D. Eisenhower signed the first edition of the Federal Aid Highway Act of 1954. It proposed to allocate $ 175 million for the construction of modern roads. However, this bill was rejected by Congress because the distribution of funding between the federal government and the states was not agreed upon. Two years later, Eisenhower reiterated road issues in his annual State of the Union. In June 1956, the president signed a new version of the bill (Federal Aid Highway Act of 1956). This time to

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