Road works


January 22, 2022

Road works, also road works - works connected with construction, reconstruction, repair or maintenance of the highway (street), artificial constructions, constructions of a road drainage system, engineering arrangement, installation (repair, replacement) of technical means of the organization of road traffic. railways involves the construction and maintenance of a set of races of the main tracks, separate points and mobile railway tracks directly.

General information

Road maintenance is a set of works, as a result of which the transport and operational condition of the road, road structures, diversion lanes, road arrangement elements, organization and traffic safety that meet the requirements of norms and standards is maintained. Road maintenance is a responsible and time-consuming process that requires specialized road equipment and skilled workers. No matter what ultra-durable and durable modern materials the pavement is made of, over time, under the influence of heavy traffic, adverse weather conditions and a number of other factors, it begins to break down and loses its former consumer properties, resulting in reduced overall efficiency and road safety. Maintenance of highways involves maintaining the proper technical condition of the road, elements of arrangement and the surrounding area. Regardless of the purpose and location of the road - ensuring the efficiency of its operation and traffic safety depends entirely on its quality maintenance. The concept of "road maintenance" includes a wide range of different works aimed at maintenance, repair and arrangement of roads. Virtually any road repair and construction work that is carried out after the commissioning of the road can be attributed to the concept of repair and maintenance of roads. Planned road maintenance works For the most part, road maintenance works are routine, time-consuming, but fairly simple operations related to the inspection of components and sections of the road and the elimination of identified damage and non-compliance with norms and standards. Repair and maintenance of

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