Premarital and marital surname


January 22, 2022

Birth name is a name that a wife (mostly) or husband wears from birth to marriage, when the name is often changed to Married name. Because wives are usually given the surnames of their husbands, the maiden name is popularly called maiden name. Traditionally, in the English-speaking event, only women change their surnames during marriage. However, in some cases, men may also change their surnames after marriage, including same-sex marriages.


The American suffragette and abolitionist Lucy Stone (1818-1893) raised the question of the right of a married woman to keep her own name (as she did) at the national level in her struggle for women's rights. The women who defended their surnames were called "Lucy Stoners"; in 1879, when Boston women won the right to vote in school elections, Stone registered to vote. But officials did not allow her unless she added Blackwell, her husband's last name, to her signature. Stone refused to do so, so she could not vote. She did not appeal the lawsuit. The Lucy Stone League was founded in 1921 by Ruth Gale; it was the first group to fight for women to be allowed to keep their surname after marriage and use it legally. Ruth Gale has challenged in federal court any government decree that would not recognize a married woman (such as herself) by the name she chose to use. In May 1921, Gail received a real estate document issued in her name at birth, not in marriage, to Mrs. Haywood Brown. In 1925, Doris Fleischmann became the first married woman in the United States to receive a passport in her name. But until the early 1930s, the Lucy Stone League was inactive. A new version of the Lucy Stone League was launched in 1997, again focusing on equality of surnames. Currently, American women do not need to change their names by law. Elizabeth Cady took the surname of her husband Stanton as part of her, signing Elizabeth Cady Stanton, but refused to address Mrs. Henry B. Stanton. In 1847, she wrote that “the custom of naming women Mrs. John Qia and Mrs. Tom Ta, and the color men Sambo and Kuhn (racist derogations) was founded

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