July 5, 2022

Dubno is a city in Ukraine, the center of Dubno District, Rivne Oblast. The city is located on the Ikva River, on the railway line Zdolbuniv — Krasne, 45 km from Rivne. The E40 and E85 highways of European importance pass through the city.

Geography and climate


Dubno is located in the southwestern part of the Rivne region on the Volyn-Podilsky upland, at an altitude of 202 meters above sea level. The lowest point in Dubno is located along the Ikva River and is 193 meters. The highest point in Dubno is located on the outskirts in the northwestern part of the city on Shibenia Gora (near the highway Kyiv — Chop), which is 255 meters.


The climate is moderately continental, with minor temperature fluctuations, moderately warm summers and mild winters with frequent thaws. Wind directions are different in summer and winter. In summer, the prevailing winds are northwesterly, in winter, westerly and southwesterly. The average air temperature in January: -4.0°С, in July: +19.1°С, the number of sunny days in a year is 70, the amount of precipitation is 600-700 mm per year, more in the summer period. In the last 10 years, the climate has become much warmer, with hot summers and little rain. Due to the drought, the depth of groundwater increased. The warm period has increased, the winter has become milder and shorter.


Day of Kyivan Rus

Dubno has been known since 1100. The first mention of him is found in the Ipatiev Chronicle: "...In the summer of 6608 (1100), the brothers made peace among themselves, Svyatopolk, Volodymyr, David, Oleg in Uvetychy, on the 10th day of the month of August. And David Igorovich came to them and said to them: "Why did you call me? Here I am . Who has a grudge against me?" And Volodymyr answered him: "You yourself sent to us: ``I want, brothers, to come to you and complain about my grievances.'' So here you come and sit with your brothers on the same carpet - so why don't you complain to which of us is your insult?". And David did not answer anything. And all the brothers got on their horses; and Svyatopolk stood with his wife, and David and Oleg with theirs separately from each other. And David Igorovich sat aside, and they did not let him in, but separately consulted about David. And after consulting, they sent their men to David: Svyatopolk - Putiata, Volodymyr - Orogostya and Ratibor, David and Oleg - Torchina. The messengers came to David and said to him: "This is what they tell you bro