Encyclopedia of the history of Ukraine


July 6, 2022

Encyclopedia of the History of Ukraine (EIU) is a ten-volume black-and-white illustrated encyclopedia on the history of Ukraine. Published in Ukrainian in 2003-2019 in Kyiv, by the publishing house "Scientific Thought" under the auspices of the Institute of History of Ukraine of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, under the chairmanship of Valery Smoliya.

Creation History

At the beginning of the 1990s, the crisis of the publishing and editorial base, the rivalry of the opposite and controversial traditions of encyclopedism (Soviet and diasporic practice), the formation of new factual material actualized the need to prepare the newest encyclopedia of the history of Ukraine. In 1997, on the initiative of the Institute of the History of Ukraine of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, the Presidium of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine adopted a resolution "On the preparation of the fundamental "Encyclopedia of the History of Ukraine"" in the form of a five-volume edition. In 1998, a "temporary creative team" was created at the Institute of History of Ukraine, which was later transformed into a working group (for the preparation of the dictionary and conceptual foundations of the project), and then a working group of the Main Editorial Board of "EIU" in a number of thematic, chronological and functional directions. After the appearance of the first two volumes in 2003-2004, the need to expand the format of the encyclopedia became obvious, and in 2005 the Presidium of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine determined that the volume of each volume of "EIU" and the terms of processing should be determined by the coordinating institutions, that is, the Institute of the History of Ukraine and the publishing house "Naukova Dumka". After that, the project was transformed first from a five-volume to an eight- and later to a ten-volume. In 2013, the preparation and printing of 10 volumes was completed, which included more than 12,000 articles, about 8,000 illustrations and more than 500 specially designed maps. 1,350 authors (including international ones) were involved in their preparation. The completion of the project was two books of the special volume "Ukraine - Ukrainians" (2018-2019), which included dictionary entries for the letter "U" (up to 20% of the volume) and a generalizing compendium of knowledge on the history of Ukraine (80%). Separately, the publication of an additional volume dedicated to contemporary events, mainly in the period 2013-2019, including the events of the Revolution of Dignity and the Russian-Ukrainian war, is planned.


The encyclopedia presents information about prominent public figures, scientists, etc