May 25, 2022

Erebor (Syn. "Lonely Mountain") is a legend in JRR Tolkien's mountain in the northeast of Middle-earth and the kingdom of dwarves from the Durin people located in it. Geography and description The mountain was located south of the Gray Mountains (Ered Metrin), west of the Iron Hills and northeast (about 40 miles) of the Dark Forest. From the depths of the mountain flowed the river Kelduin (Bystritsa) and, running south, merged with the Forest River in the Long Lake, which housed the city of Esgaroth, then flowed from the lake and flowed to the southeast, where it flows into the inner Runic Sea (Lake Rune). . Erebor was surrounded on all sides by a forestless steppe, resulting in the toponym - Lonely Mountain. On the southern side of the mountain was the huge Main Gate, near which a river flowed from the mountain to form a waterfall. On the river at the foot was a human city - the state of Doll - ruled by kings. On the south-eastern part of the mountain there was a Krukova rock and a guard post. In the depths of the mountain from the Main Gate along the river deep led a wide winding road. Nearby was the Great Hall of Tror, where celebrations and banquets were held. In the mountain there were numerous caves, mines, halls, corridors and stairs. The largest hall was the Great Hall of Train I, located in the Lower Halls at the foot of the mountain. A side passage led from the Great Hall to a secret door that was well disguised and visible only on Durin's Day, when the setting sun opened the castle.


In 1999, in the Third Age, the Lonely Mountain was discovered by the dwarven king Train I, son of Nain I. He brought his people there, who were forced to leave Moria because of the Balrog. Train I became the first king under the Mountain. Here he found a large diamond called Gorikamin, the Heart of the Mountain. The son of Train I, Thorin I, along with most of his subjects, moved to Ered Metrin (Gray Mountains), which were rich in gold and jewels that no one developed. Behind the mountains, on the great Dried Plateau, lived many dragons, who began to attack the dwarves and take away their jewelry. A snow dragon killed King Dain I and his son Frohr at the gates of their palace. It became impossible to live in the Gray Mountains, and Grohr, the third son of Yes