Streisand effect


January 22, 2022

The Streisand effect is a phenomenon in which an attempt to delete certain information or restrict access to it only leads to its dissemination. For example, trying to restrict access to a photo, file, or text causes this information to be duplicated on other servers or to appear on file-sharing networks.


The term "Streisand effect" comes from an incident in 2003, when Barbra Streisand filed a lawsuit to collect $ 50 million from photographer Kenneth Adelman and for privacy violations. A photo of her Malibu estate was available among 12,000 other photographs of the California coast. Adelman claimed that he photographed the coast as part of the California Coastal Records Project, which studies coastal erosion. The site with photos and scientific materials was publicly available, but only specialists were interested in it. Prior to Streisand's lawsuit, the 3850 photo was downloaded from the site only six times, twice by Streisand's lawyers. After the information spread that the Hollywood star filed a lawsuit for photography, the site became extremely popular. One month after the lawsuit was filed, 3,850 images were viewed by more than 420,000 visitors. The court considered the case for several months, and eventually dismissed the claim. Adelman later said the information about the lawsuit attracted more than a million visitors to his website, and the photo was used by the Associated Press in a statement, which in turn led to its distribution to many newspapers around the world. Mike Masnick, a Techdirt blogger, called the phenomenon the Streisand Effect.


356 BC Herostratus burned the temple of Artemis in his hometown of Ephesus. The city council decided not only to execute the paliya, but also banned the mention of his name under penalty of death. However, due to the ban itself, which was written down by a Greek historian, the name of Herostratus remained forever and became well known. In Ukraine, the Streisand Effect could be observed, in particular, with the situation surrounding the lawsuit of pro-Russian oligarch Viktor Medvedchuk against the author of the book "The Case of Vasyl Stus", a Ukrainian jury

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