Joachim Murat


October 25, 2021

Joachim Murat (from the Occitan according to the International Phonetic Alphabet his name is pronounced jo.a.ʃɛ̃ - Joachim; March 25, 1767 - October 13, 1815) - French military leader of Napoleon's time, Marshal of France, Admiral of France, Grand Duke Berzky, Klevsky and Zhuayezky (1806-1808), king of Naples in 1808-1815. Shurin Napoleon I.



Joachim Murat was born in the village of Bastid-Frontonier (Languedoc) in the family of a butcher. From childhood he had a penchant for military service, for some time was in the guard of King Louis XVI of France. After that he studied at the school in Cahors and in Toulouse. Murat's father wanted him to become a priest, but the young Joachim and his friend Bessier joined the National Guard in 1791. In a few months he became a lieutenant.

Military career

The rapid career began in 1795. During the uprising of the royalists of the 13th Vandemier (October 3-4), he provided a valuable service to Napoleon Bonaparte, delivering guns to the center of Paris at the right time. After that, Murat became captain and adjutant of Bonaparte. In 1796, Joachim Murat took part in the Italian campaign of the French army. Here he became a colonel. After Murat brought on behalf of Bonaparte Murat captured by the enemy flags, he became a brigadier general. After that, Joachim Murat returned to the Italian army, where he took part in the battles of Rival and Favorite. In 1798, Murat and Bonaparte took part in the Egyptian campaign. Here he leads the French cavalry. He commanded it during the Battle of the Pyramids. Murat distinguished himself during the storming of the Turkish fortress of Se-Jean-D'Acre. Together with Bonaparte, Murat returned to France and participated in the development of a plan to seize power by Napoleon. When 18 Brumaire (November 9), 1799, the French legislature refused to hand over power to Bonaparte, and Napoleon believed that all was lost, Jochim Murat brought artillery and ordered the soldiers to disperse the deputies. After that, Bonaparte became the First Consul, and Murat - the military governor of Paris with the right of commander in chief. At the same time, he married Napoleon's sister, Caroline (January 20, 1800). On May 18, 1804, Joachim Murat became Marshal of France. In the same year, Murat b

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