Karpinets Yaroslav Petrovich


January 22, 2022

Yaroslav Petrovich Karpynets (pseudonyms: Isidore, Gypsy) 1936


Yaroslav Karpynets was born in Ivano-Frankivsk. In his youth he was an active member of Plast. He studied at the Stanislav Gymnasium. He later studied at the University of Cracow and studied chemistry. Together with my university friend Mykola Klymyshyn, they organized the Krakow OUN station. In his apartment, Yaroslav Karpynets organized a chemical laboratory at vul. Rybk Debnicki, 13a, in which he made a bomb to assassinate Polish Interior Minister Bronislaw Peracki. The bomb did not explode and became evidence that Karpynets was arrested by Polish police on June 14, 1934. The building that housed the laboratory of survivors in modern Krakow. He was sentenced at the Warsaw trial to death, which was commuted to life imprisonment. He was released in September 1939. He died in the struggle against the Bolsheviks. See also † Martyrology of killed OUN and UPA activists †



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