October 25, 2021

Kyiv (MFA: [ˈkɪjiu̯]) is the capital and largest city of Ukraine, one of the largest and oldest cities in Europe. Located in the middle reaches of the Dnieper, in the northern Dnieper region. Political, socio-economic, transport, educational-scientific, historical, cultural and spiritual center of Ukraine. In the system of administrative-territorial organization of Ukraine, Kyiv has a special status defined by the Constitution and is not part of any region, although it is the administrative center of Kyiv region. Location of central authorities of Ukraine, foreign missions, headquarters of most enterprises and public associations operating in Ukraine. According to The Tale of Bygone Years, Kyiv was founded by Prince Kyi of Polyany with his brothers Shchek and Khoriv and sister Lybidya. According to archaeological data and written sources, the beginning of the continuous development of Kyiv dates back to the second half of the V century. - 1st half of the VI century; the center of Kyiv's expansion was Mount Zamkova. It was the capital of Polyany, Russia, the Kyivan principality, the Grand Duchy of Rus', the Ukrainian People's Republic, the Ukrainian State and the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic. It was also the administrative center of the Lithuanian-Polish voivodship of the same name, the Cossack regiment, the Russian province, the Soviet district, the German general district and the Soviet region. One of the oldest historical centers of Eastern Europe and Christianity - St. Sophia Cathedral and Kiev-Pechersk Lavra are listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.



According to legends, the name of Kyiv comes from the name of Kyiv - the oldest of the three brothers, who are considered the founders of the city. One of these legends has come down to us in the chronicle of the XII century. "The Tale of Bygone Years". In the sagas, Kyiv was called Koenugarðr. The name Kænugarður (Kainugarður) remained after Kyiv in the Icelandic language. Kyiv also had a Turkic name - "Mankerman" ("big city"), "Kiva-Mankerman", which lived next to the original name .. Ukrainian ethnographer MV Zakrevsky claimed that the "Azagarium" mentioned by Claudius Ptolemy was located on the site of modern Kyiv. Yu. A. Kulakovsky identified Ptolemy's "Metropolis" with Kyiv, and M. Yu. Braichevsky identified "Sar". For a�

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