Koziv village community


October 28, 2021

Koziv village community is a territorial community in Ukraine, in the Ternopil district of the Ternopil region. The administrative center is Kozova village. The area of ​​the community is 435.1 km2, the population is 25,403 people (2020). It was formed in 2020.


The community includes 1 village (Kozova) and 35 villages: Bartoshivka Bishki Awake Building Built Fiction Oats Viktorivka Gelenki Clay Gorby The settlement Dibsche Stocks Forests Golden Freedom Zolochivka Yosypivka Kalne Goat Grooms Curves Makovysko Little Floating Honey Pancakes Olesine Flat Carpenter Flow Senkiv Theophilus He kicks Prices Shchepaniv


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