Koziv district


October 28, 2021

Koziv district is a former administrative district in the western part of Ternopil region. Formed in January 1940. The area is 694 km2. The population is 38 thousand people (2017), of which 99.9% are Ukrainians. Liquidated on July 19, 2020.


The district borders with Ternopil, Terebovlya, Pidhayetsk, Berezhany, Zboriv districts of the region. The length from north to south is 29.6 km, from west to east - 37.8 km. The climate is moderately warm and humid. Most of the surface of the Koziv district, the Ternopil Plateau, is a low-undulating plain with heights of 300 to 400 m, and to the west of the Koropets River it passes into the Podolsk Hills, articulated by hills, ravines, and gullies. The highest mark near the village of Dybshche is 411 m. The rivers Strypa with tributaries Vosushka and Studenka, Koropets, Tsenivka (a tributary - the river Zolota Lypa) flow, there are 37 fish ponds. The relief of the district is favorable for mechanized tillage (84.5% of the land fund). Small areas are occupied by natural meadows and forests (4.1 thousand hectares). Settlements are located mainly in river valleys. Minerals - limestone, clay, sand, peat (floodplain of the river Strypa north of the village of Denisov), there are sources of hydrogen sulfide (the village of Kozivka). Soils - chernozems podzolic, as well as typical low-humus, dark gray podzolic, light gray forest, meadow, meadow-swamp. Administrative division In the area - the villages of Kozova and Kozliv and 53 villages. The modern boundaries of the district were established in 1965.


The territory of the district was inhabited in the late Paleolithic period (38 thousand years BC). In the period of Kievan Rus there were the towns of Brodyliv (now the village of Kupchyntsi) and Korsiv (now the village of Konyukhy), which destroyed 1241 Mongol-Tatars. According to one version, Brodyliv was the estate of Prince Yaroslav Osmomysl. In the XIV-XVIII centuries. Kozivshchyna was ruled by Poland, 1772-1918 by Austria, 1918-1919 by the Western Ukrainian People's Republic, 1919-1939 by Poland, and from September 1939 by the Ukrainian SSR. Here acted: from 1874 - Enlightenment Society, from 1878 - Brotherhood of Sobriety, later the societies "Farmer", "Sich", "Falcon", "Plast", "Ukrainian Conversation", "Native School". During World War I, many villages and towns of Koziv region were destroyed. OUN underground groups have been active since the 1930s; in the 1940s and 1950s, UPA groups. Until 1939, the region had reading rooms "Enlightenment", cooperatives, kindergartens, women's societies, professional «

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