Paul Galagan College


October 25, 2021

Pavel Galagan College is a private men's gymnasium founded in Kyiv by Hryhoriy Galagan (opened on October 1 (13), 1871). Premises The board was located on the corner of Fundukleivska Street (now Bohdan Khmelnytsky Street) and Tereshchenkivska Street in a building - a monument of architecture of the XIX century. The architectural ensemble of the College consisted of five buildings, reconstructed in 1870 by architect O. Schiele. The exquisite two-story interior of the library of the College of Mahogany was designed by Italian masters and has survived to this day almost completely.


This building of the Board was the property of the Kyiv Noble Assembly. Hryhoriy Galahan founded the Collegium as a memory of his deceased son, writing off large estates in Poltava and Chernihiv provinces. The total value of land donated to the Board was 275 thousand rubles, which at that time was a huge amount. Mr. Galagan also presented the Collegium with a large library (after the revolution it was partially transferred to the State Public Library of the Ukrainian SSR). The educational institution was designed to study and live in a boarding school for 70 pupils (30 fellows of G. Galagan and 40 self-employed). Students were accepted from all Ukrainian lands, including those that were part of Austria-Hungary. The board of the program was equal to four senior classes of the classical gymnasium. Scientific and methodological care of the Board was provided by St. Volodymyr's University of Kyiv. The board was considered one of the best private educational institutions in Kyiv, which the tsar's "guard" called the "Nursery of Ukrainians." Representatives of Ukrainian literature have visited here many times, and in the period from 1885 to 1886 the famous Ukrainian writer Ivan Franko worked. In May 1886, in the chapel at the College (St. Paul's Church), Ivan Franko married Olga Khoruzhynska, the sister of the wife of the College's teacher E. Tregubov. The Board entered the history of Ukrainian culture and education as a "school of academics." The Board is associated with the names of famous figures of science, education, literature, including academicians V. Lipsky, A. Krymsky, V. Grabar, G. Kostyuk, N. Kotlyarevsky, D. Petrushevsky, poets M. Dry-Khmara, P. Filipovich, as well as P. Zhytets

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