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This article tells about the historic city from 330 to 1453. To view the article on the predecessor city in Greek and early Roman times, see Byzantium. About Constantinople in the days of the Ottoman Empire and the modern city, see Istanbul. Constantinople, Constantinople, Constantinople, or Tsar-city (Greek: Κωνσταντινούπολη, Latin: Constantinopolis, Turkish: قسطنطينيه Kostantiniyye, Istanbul, in the Miklagarðr sagas) is a city on the European shores of the Bospolo River. The capital of the Eastern Roman Empire, then the Byzantine Empire, was founded in 324-330 by Emperor Constantine the Great.



The city was founded in 667 BC. Megarians, led by Bizas (Byzantium), after whom the city was named Byzantium. In 512 - 478 BC. BC - under the rule of Persia. After liberation he became a member of the Athenian archaea. In 411 - 409 and 405 - 389 BC. BC - was temporarily under the control of Sparta, in 364 BC. BC - Thebes. In 357 BC. BC finally comes out of the subordination of Athens. In 340 BC. Byzantium besieged Philip II of Macedon, but the city survived, with Alexander the Great the Byzantines, instead, maintained friendly relations and even helped him with ships. In 227 BC. The city was attacked by the Celts (Galatians), who later settled on the northern shore of the Golden Horn. In 146 BC. Byzantium concluded an alliance agreement with Rome, in 74 BC. BC - became part of the Roman Republic In 193, after a three-year siege, the city was captured by Septimius Severus. He ordered the destruction of the city walls and deprive the Byzantines of all privileges and privileges.

The time of Constantine and his descendants

In 324, Constantine the Great began construction on the site of Byzantium's "New Rome", which was later named Constantinople in honor of the emperor. The capital of the empire was officially moved to the shores of the Bosphorus on May 11, 330. Constantine took care of the development of the city, encouraging the relocation of representatives of the ruling classes, merchants and artisans from all over the empire. During his reign in Constantinople were built 30 palaces and temples, 4 thousand large houses, one and a half hundred baths and bakeries, 8 water mains, 2 theaters, a circus and a new racetrack. Under Constantine's descendants, Christianity became the state religion. He slept instead

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