Kramarov Savely Viktorovich


October 24, 2021

Savely Viktorovich Kramarov (Russian: Савелий Викторович Крамаров; October 13, 1934, Moscow, RSFSR; June 6, 1995, San Francisco, USA) is a Soviet, Russian, and American theater and film actor and Honored Artist of the RSFSR (1974).


He was born in the Bauman district of Moscow. Father Viktor Saveliyovych Kramarov (1900, Cherkasy - March 28, 1951, Turukhansk) - a famous Moscow lawyer, arrested by the NKVD in 1938, again - in 1950. Benedict (Basia) Solomonovna's mother died when Savely was 16 years old. After graduating from school, Kramarov tried to enter the theater institute, but he was not accepted. To continue his education, Savely enters the Forestry Institute. While studying at the institute, in 1954 he entered the theater studio "First Step" at the Central House of Artists. After graduating from the Forestry Institute in 1958, he worked for some time in the specialty. Deciding to quit his job, Kramarov sent his photos to all film studios in the country, and one letter was answered. This is the beginning of his acting career. The real success came to Kramarov after "Elusive Avengers", the phrase of his hero "And along the road the dead with scythes stand… And - silence!" even became winged. In 1967 he was invited to work at the Theater of Miniatures. He acted in many films and until the early 70's was one of the most popular comedians. In 1971 he starred in his most famous role - Kosy in the film Gentlemen of Fortune. In 1972 Savely entered GITIS at the Faculty of Acting. But after graduating from GITIS, Kramarov never settled in any of the Soviet theaters. Emigration to the USA The circle of friends and his uncle, who emigrated to Israel, made Kramarov a man with dubious connections, which was tantamount to the end of his career. He also began practicing yoga, became a largely religious man, attended a synagogue, and refused to film on Saturdays. He began to shoot less and less, and in the last three years before leaving and completely stopped offering roles. Then, for the first time, he thinks about emigration. Savely Kramarov applied for emigration to Israel, but was denied. This was due to the fact that after his departure Goskino would have to rent 34 films for his studies for ideological reasons.

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