Crimean Khanate


January 22, 2022

Crimean Khanate (Crimean: Qırım Hanlığı, قريم خانلغى), self-title - Capital Crimea and Polovtsian Field (Crimean: Taht-i Qırım ve Deşt-i Qıpçaq historical state of the Crimean Gerai dynasty. It existed from 1441 to 1783. Occupied the territory of the Crimea, the steppes of the Northern Black Sea between the Dniester and Don, as well as the lands of northern Kuban. Founded by Haji I Geray in 1441 as a result of the political collapse of the Golden Horde. In 1478, during the reign of his son Mengli I, she recognized the Ottoman sultan as the caliph of the Sunni Muslims. It kept the nomads of the Nogai, Budzhat, Edisan, and Perekop hordes, the small legs of the Kuban, and the Circassians of the North Caucasus in vassal dependence. In the late XV century and early XVI century, before the coronation of Ivan the Terrible, was considered the sole heir to the Golden Horde, as evidenced by Muscovy until 1700 paid tribute to the Crimean Khanate. It suffered severe damage during the Russo-Ottoman War of 1735-1739. In 1774 it gained full independence from both the Ottoman Empire and Russia as a result of another defeat of the Ottoman Empire from Russia, which was enshrined in writing in a peace treaty. In 1783, the Russian Empire violated the treaty and annexed the Crimean Khanate as a result of Potemkin's military campaign. Of the major powers, only France has openly protested against the act.


Crimean Khanate (Crimean Qırım Hanlığı, قريم خانلغى) is a historiographical name. Crimean Khanate is a historiographical name. Throne Crimea and Polovtsian Field (Crimean Taht-i Qırım ve Deşt-i Qıpçaq, Taht-i Qırım ve Deşt-i Kipchak) - self-name; named after Polovtsian field and Crimea. Crimean Yurt (Crimean: Qırım Yurtu, قريم يورتى) is an unofficial name. Tatarstan (Little Tatarstan, Perekop Tatarstan, Crimean Tatarstan, European Tatarstan) is an outdated European historiographical and cartographic name.


As of 1774: The Crimean peninsula is the most important part of the khanate. It was called by the inhabitants as Kyrym, Kyrym-Adasi (island of Crimea), Ada (island). It was connected in the north by the Perekop isthmus with the Eastern Nogai. From the south and west it was washed by the Black Sea, from the east by the Sea of ​​Azov and the Kaf (Kerch) Strait. In the north stretched steppe rocky plain, b

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