July 5, 2022

A film director is a film director.


Organizes the creative and production process of film creation. Develops the artistic concept of the film based on the literary script. Creates a director's script for a film based on an approved literary script. It ensures the embodiment of the creative idea on the screen, the artistic quality of the film. Forms the creative composition of the film crew.

General description

Participates in drawing up the estimate and calendar plan for the director's development period, for the preparatory and filming periods. Ensures the actual compliance of the useful material with the footage approved by the director's script, the fulfillment of the planned deadlines at all stages of the film's production, as well as compliance with the articles of the general estimate. Manages the editing of the film. Submits the finished film to the management of the film studio.


Film director of feature films Organizes timely work on the production project, participates in its creation and protection. Manages the work of creating object-specific developments. Organizes the selection of iconographic material. Makes an acting schedule. Participates in the selection of locations for live shooting. He works on the selection of actors, participants of episodic, group and mass scenes. Organizes photo and film tests of actors. Conducts a preliminary rehearsal with the actors, manages mass and group filming, organizes the second plan and, if necessary, independently carries out the filming of individual plans and episodes. Ensures the correct spending of funds allocated in the general budget for the payment of actors, participants in episodic, group and mass scenes. Participates in drawing up operational plans and daily reports on the work of the film crew. Assigns and prepares shootings. Performs thorough and comprehensive preparation of each filming shift, ensuring consistency and continuity of the creative process. Appoints and prepares actors for filming. Organizes viewing and discussion of filmed material. Film director of scientific films Determines together with the author of the literary script, scientific consultant and editor the cognitive-scientific or educational concept of the film. Manages the creative and technological process of the company