Malachi mound


May 25, 2022

Malakhov mound is a strategically important altitude southeast of the center of Sevastopol on the Ship side. It is part of the city and is one of the most popular tourist attractions.


Origin of the name

The name first appeared on the master plan of Sevastopol in 1851. According to one version (based on documents stored in the Central State Archives of the Russian Navy), the mound was named after Captain Mikhail Mikhailovich Malakhov. In 1827 Mikhail Malakhov moved from Kherson to Sevastopol, settled on the Ship's side and became commander of the company of the 18th working crew. In a relatively short time, Captain Malakhov gained the fame of an honest and just man among the lower ranks and the poor. They went to his house, which was located near the mound, with requests and controversial issues. Soon the whole mound became known as the captain.

Crimean War

The Battle of Malakhov Mound was a major battle during the Crimean War, between the Allied and Russian armies on September 7, 1855, during the siege of Sevastopol. The French army under General McMahon successfully stormed the redoubts of Malakhov Mound, although a simultaneous British attack on Redan in the south was repulsed. At one of the defining moments of the war, the French zuav Eugene Libo set the French flag on top of the Russian redoubt. After the Battle of Malachi, the Sevastopol mound ceased resistance, ending an 11-month defense.

Civil War



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