Marich Milosh Milosevych


August 8, 2022

Miloš Milošević Marić (Serbo-Croatian: Мылош Марић, Miloš Marić; 1885—1944) was a Soviet histologist. Doctor of Medical Sciences (without defense, 1935), professor (1935).


He was born on April 20, 1885 in the city of Ruma on the territory of the Austro-Hungarian Empire (now Serbia). He was the youngest child in an Orthodox Serbian family, his father, Miloš Marić (1846-1922), was a wealthy landowner; mother, Mariya Ruzhych (1847-1935), was a housewife; Mileva's older sister later became Albert Einstein's wife. He studied at a high school in Zagreb, then at a gymnasium in Novi Sad. In 1902, he entered the medical faculty of the university in Clausenburg, after graduating in 1907, he worked in a psychiatric clinic there. In 1910, he served as a volunteer in the 6th infantry honved regiment of the Hungarian army and in a military hospital in Budapest, participated in the revolutionary movement. At the beginning of the First World War, he was drafted into the active army, deserted, was surrounded and captured in Eastern Galicia. Miloš's regiment was sent to Przemyśl, a Polish city under the command of General Herman Kusmanek von Burgneustadt, then the city was besieged by Russian troops. According to the plan of the commander-in-chief Oleksiy Brusylov, the Russians were able to take Przemyśl, but not the Przemyśl fortress, where the Austrian commandant gathered all his forces. When it became necessary to leave the fortress for a medical examination, Dr. Marich decided to surrender to the Russians and provide them with vital information to capture the fortress with the least casualties, which they did. After being transferred to Moscow, he worked at the Lefortovsky Military Hospital, then as a seconded prisoner of war at the histology department of Moscow University.

Scientific activity

In Moscow, Dr. Marych met the biologist and histologist Professor Volodymyr Porfyrevych Karpov (1870-1943). In 1917, Karpov became the dean of the medical school at Katerynoslav University (now Dnipro), and Dr. Marich was invited to work at the Dnipro Medical Institute in Dnipro. After arriving in Dnipro, Dr. Milosh Marich married Karpov's daughter Maria Vasylivna Karpova. His first marriage officially ended when he was reported missing and his first wife Martha was "widowed".