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January 22, 2022

Vasyl Semenovych Mova (Lymansky) (January 1 (January 13) 1842 (18420113), Sweet Lyman, Black Sea Cossack Army - June 1 (June 13) 1891, Katerynodar, Kuban region) - Ukrainian Cuban writer, poet, playwright, novelist, memoirist , translator. Aliases - V. Lymansky, V. Myhutsky, V. Myhuchenko and others.


He was born on January 1, 1842 on a farm near Sweet Estuary on the Black Sea coast (now Kaniv district, Krasnodar Territory, Russia). He was educated at the Ekaterinodar Military Gymnasium, and then studied at Kharkiv University. After graduating from Mova University, he was a teacher at the Mariinsky Women's School in Katerynodar for three years. He received the degree of Candidate of Law, worked as a judicial investigator, justice of the peace, juror in the villages of Ust-Labynska, Yeisk and Katerynodar. He died on June 1, 1891 in Katerinodar (now Krasnodar).


He wrote dramatic and prose works and poetry. He first appeared with his poetry in 1861 in the magazine "Osnova", published works mainly under the pseudonym Vasyl Lymansky. Leading in the work of Vasily Mova was the Cossack theme, which he covered from his specific point of view. Following in the footsteps of P. Kulish, the poet saw in the Cossacks a destructive rather than a state-building force. All this is reflected in his works. One of such works is the poem "Triple Love" (1863), which describes the realities of socio-political life of the Ukrainian Cossacks in the last third of the XVIII century, when after the suppression of a large-scale uprising in the summer of 1768 in the Right Bank Ukraine. popular movement went down in history as Koliivshchyna), part of the Sich, especially young people, ceasing to believe in their own strength, degraded and turned, in fact, into ordinary rioters, who, unlike their predecessors and senior comrades, sought not to defend the Fatherland, but meet their own needs. Moreover, not a noble variety. The Cossacks depicted in the poem are a dark gray, poorly managed mass, which can only beat kayaks and plunder other people's lands ("Haidamatsi in Poland is a paradise - Do what you want"). However, the descendants of the famous Zaporozhian knights behave no better

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