Moscow (missile cruiser)


May 25, 2022

"Moscow" is a former Soviet and Russian missile cruiser of Project 1164 (code "Atlant", English Slava class according to NATO classification). The main ship of its series. He was a member of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation and was its flagship. Object of underwater cultural heritage of Ukraine № 2064. He became widely known, in particular, after the attack on February 24, 2022 on the Ukrainian garrison on the island of Snake during the full-scale invasion of Russia by Ukraine, when the offer to surrender the ship received the answer "Russian warship, fuck." On April 13, 2022, the Ukrainian Navy struck the cruiser with two cruise anti-ship missiles R-360 "Neptune" of the coastal anti-ship complex RK-360MC "Neptune". As a result of the damage and difficult weather conditions, it overturned and sank. In the evening of April 14, the flood of "Moscow" was recognized by the Russian Ministry of Defense. It was the first destruction of a ship of this size in combat since 1982, when the British submarine HMS Conqueror sank the Argentine cruiser General Belgrano during the Falklands War; and the greatest loss of the Russian navy since 1941, when German bombing destroyed the battleship Marat.


Launched by the shipyard named after 61 Communards in Nikolaev in 1979, became part of the Black Sea Fleet of the USSR in 1983. The main ship of the project 1164 "Atlant". At the time of laying, the cruiser was called "Glory", but after the write-off of the anti-submarine cruiser-helicopter carrier "Moscow" project 1123 "Condor" in November 1996 inherited his name and became the flagship of the Black Sea Fleet. Since February 2016, the ship has not gone to sea. In October 2018, it became known that the 13th shipyard in the occupied Crimea began work to restore the marching readiness of the cruiser "Moscow", and the work was to last from six to eight months. The task was to return the ship, it was not about modernization (including due to lack of funds). However, the contract was not signed. On April 21, 2020, the flagship of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Navy missile cruiser "Moscow" was docked. The ship was repaired in occupied Sevastopol at the captured Marine Industrial Complex LLC. As of 2020, the Ukrainian company was under