May 25, 2022

A musician is also a person who is a professional musician. Currently, musicians are distinguished by the following specialties: composers arranger, orchestrator, etc. performers instrumentalists (performers on musical instruments) Singers (vocalists) conductors, as well as choirmasters. Close to the profession of musician is also the profession of musicologist.

Musicians of antiquity

According to modern archeological and ethnographic data, it is believed that music developed and gradually separated from the original syncretic art. Primitive people still had fun playing with adapted objects. In the slave-owning and early feudal countries of the ancient world there are professional musicians who served in temples, at the courts of the nobility, participated in mass ceremonies.

Ancient Egypt

Ancient images of music on the frescoes of Ancient Egypt have survived to this day. Both men and women were involved in the music. There are various musical instruments and the first musical orchestras of three to five musicians. Musicians are the main characters of religious holidays together with priests of temples.

Ancient Greece

Music was extremely popular in ancient Greece. Music itself was considered a gift from the gods, and the sun god Apollo also became the patron saint of the arts and music itself. Later he was depicted with a musical instrument in his hands - a cypher. Images of nine muses playing various musical instruments have been found in ancient Greek paintings. The first virtuoso musicians appear. The Greeks reflected this in the myths of Orpheus. The famous singer and poet, the son of the god Eagre and the muse Calliope, Orpheus sang and music made the cries of stones, tamed wild beasts, flattered the evil Furies, guarding the entrance to the realm of the dead. Myths about the virtuoso musician Orpheus survived Ancient Greece and inspired many playwrights (Aeschylus, Euripides), artists (Domenico, Carducci, Rubens, Rodin, Canova, etc.), composers (F. Liszt, KV Gluck, J. Haydn, Offenbach, Stravinsky, etc.). Greece became one of the first countries where special attention was paid to music education. In particular, the educational value of music is discussed in the works of Plato and Aristotle.

Musicians of the Middle Ages

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