Migration of birds


May 19, 2022

Migration or migration of birds - the annual movement or relocation of birds over relatively long distances, associated with seasonal changes in ecological or forage conditions or breeding characteristics from the nesting area to the wintering area and back, one form of animal migration. The definition also often requires the ability to move in response to the length of daylight or time of year, regardless of weather conditions, because only these factors can ensure accurate periodicity. Migration - adaptation to seasonal climate change and dependent factors (availability of food, open water, etc.). The ability of birds to migrate is facilitated by their high mobility due to the ability to fly, inaccessible to most other species of terrestrial animals.

Types of bird movements

According to the nature of seasonal movements of birds are divided into three main categories: sedentary (permanently living in a relatively small area), nomadic (moving at relatively long distances not regularly, only in search of food or in case of bad weather) and migratory or migratory carry out more or less distant seasonal movements). However, this division is very conditional, both due to the existence of a continuous spectrum of patterns of behavior between these categories, and due to the fact that within one population birds can exhibit different behavior, and one particular bird - to change it in some cases during life. Under certain conditions, birds, like other animals, can be evicted from a certain area without returning or invade regions outside their area of ​​residence; such relocations are not directly related to migration. Evictions or invasions can be associated with natural landscape changes - forest fires, deforestation, drainage of swamps, etc., or overpopulation of a particular species in a limited area. In such conditions, birds are forced to look for a new place, and such movement has nothing to do with their lifestyle or time of year. Invasions also often include introduction - the deliberate relocation of species to regions where they have never lived before. It is often not possible to say unequivocally that this species of bird is strictly sedentary, nomadic or migratory.