May 17, 2022

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization, also known as the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), is an international intergovernmental organization, a military-political alliance of 30 North American nations, and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). Europe seeking to achieve the goal of the North Atlantic Treaty, signed in Washington on April 4, 1949. According to the Alliance's statutory documents, NATO's main role is to ensure the freedom and security of its members through political and military means. NATO upholds and upholds the Alliance's values ​​of democracy, individual freedom, the rule of law and the peaceful settlement of disputes throughout the Euro-Atlantic area. A fundamental principle of the Alliance is the commonality of views between North American and European members of NATO, who share the same values ​​and interests and are committed to the preservation of democratic principles, which makes the security of Europe and North America inseparable. The Alliance stands for the protection of member countries from the threat of aggression: the main military-political principle of the organization is a system of collective security, ie joint organized action of all its members in response to external attacks. Since its inception, the number of new members has increased from the original 12 to 30. The last member state to join NATO was Northern Macedonia on March 27, 2020. NATO now recognizes Bosnia and Herzegovina, which received the NATO Membership Action Plan in December 2018, and Georgia and Ukraine as candidates for membership in the Alliance. Also, 20 other countries participate in NATO's Partnership for Peace program, and another 15 countries participate in institutionalized dialogue programs. The total military expenditures of all NATO members in 2020 accounted for more than 57% of the world's total. The members agreed that their goal is to achieve or maintain targeted defense spending of at least 2% of their GDP by 2024. Sources. North Atlantic Treaty The signing of the North Atlantic Treaty and the creation of the Alliance are directly related to the events that took place in the world after the Second World War. The threat of post-war revanchism in Germany, and later