January 22, 2022

A semi-trailer is a type of trailer that is aggregated with a specialized tractor unit via the tractor's coupling device ("saddle") by means of a coupling pin. The weight of the load is completely transferred to the supporting frame of the trailer, and then distributed between the semi-trailer's own wheels and the tractor wheels. The connection between the trailer and the tractor is used both to transmit this load and the traction force. The semi-trailer is not able to move without being connected to the tractor; to ensure its stability at this time, it is provided with folding or sliding racks. There are conventional truck and ballast. The name of the latter is due to the presence of an additional all-metal platform, which loads the ballast load for better traction with the road. Types of semi - trailers Different types of semi-trailers are developed for different needs. They are divided into 8 feet (2.44 meters) and 2.6 meters (8 feet 6.4 inches) in width. The use of semi-trailers and trailers can significantly reduce the cost of freight. Semi-trailers and trailers additionally carry a significant amount of cargo. Thus, the truck owner has the opportunity to reduce the number of flights to transport the planned consignment of goods and additionally obtain significant savings in fuel and depreciation costs. The leading German company Kögel Trailer, which designs and assembles semi-trailers, is well known for its reliable, high-quality products, which have gained support in many countries around the world. The company is one of the three largest vehicle manufacturers in Europe. The development of the transport industry and the increase in demand for various transportations lead to the emergence of new and modernized modes of transport. This is especially true of freight. Depending on the cargo to be transported, different types of semi-trailers are used. Among the many types of vehicles, it is possible to identify some of the most famous, which are used most often: flatbed semi-trailers - the simplest means of transporting additional cargo; thanks to this transport, its special characteristics, it is possible to transport pipes, bricks, boards and other construction materials; �

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