Pereyaslav National Historical and Ethnographic Reserve


October 25, 2021

Pereyaslav National Historical and Ethnographic Reserve is one of the largest reserves in Ukraine. It includes the territories of the city of Pereyaslav, its environs and parts of Boryspil district, around which protection zones are defined. Pereyaslav Reserve is referred to the Ministry of Culture and Information Policy of Ukraine. The department is managed by the Department of Cultural Heritage and Cultural Values. It consists of 371 immovable monuments of history and architecture of the Ukrainian people, 24 thematic museums of various profiles: historical, archeological, literary, ethnographic, technical, etc. The main museum fund of the reserve is 170,848 storage units. Among them: a unique archaeological collection, a collection of the Cossack period of the XVI-XVII centuries. (1800 units), collections of old prints of the XVI-XVIII centuries. (10 thousand units) The administration of the reserve is located at: Kyiv region, Pereyaslav, street Shevchenko, 8.


The reserve was established in accordance with the resolution of the Council of Ministers of the USSR № 123 of March 13, 1979. Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine № 376 of March 15, 1999. The Pereyaslav State Historical and Cultural Reserve has been renamed the Pereyaslav Historical and Ethnographic Reserve. The status of a national reserve was granted by the Decree of the President of Ukraine № 598/99 of June 1, 1999. Museums


Sikorsky Mikhail Ivanovich (1979-2008), Tkachenko Victor Nikolaevich (2009—2010) Dovgoshiya Pavlo Oleksandrovich (2010—2014), Lukashevich Alexey Mikhailovich (2014 — present) See also Seven Wonders of Ukraine Pereyaslav Archaeological Museum Monuments and plaques of Pereyaslav



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