Nobel Prize in Literature


October 25, 2021

The Nobel Prize in Literature is the most prestigious international literary prize in the world. Created together with four other Nobel Prizes by the will of Alfred Nobel in 1895, it has been awarded since 1901. Rules for awarding According to Alfred Nobel's will, the reward should be received by the person who created "the most outstanding works in the direction of idealism." The original requirement to consider only those works that were created in the year preceding the year of the award has been changed so that works can be considered if their value has only recently been recognized. The awarding body of the Nobel Prize is the Swedish Academy. It was founded on the model of the French Academy by King Gustave III in 1786. The Academy consists of 18 members known as De Aderton ("Eighteen"). It consists of Swedish writers, poets, scientists and historians. The Nobel Committee, consisting of 4 or 5 people elected from among the members of the academy for a term of 3 years, works in the selection of the Nobel Prize winner. Members of the Swedish Academy and other academies and institutes of a similar nature have the right to be nominated. University professors of literature and philology, winners of previous nominations, and presidents of associations responsible for literary creativity in the country also have this right. The names of the candidates have been classified for 50 years, which means that the names of potential candidates before and after the announcement of the prize are just rumors.


The award procedure is as follows: September: Members of the Nobel Committee send approximately 600-700 forms to eligible persons. Nominations must be submitted by January 31 next year. February: The committee creates a list and submits it to the academy for approval. April: The committee selects 15-20 names of candidates for consideration by the academy. May: The committee narrows the list to 5 finalists for the academy. June-August: members of the academy get acquainted with the work of candidates. September: discussion of candidates' work. October: selection of the winner. December: A Nobel Prize ceremony is held in Stockholm on December 10.


Voting, in which members of the academy take part, takes place in the same place

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