New Jersey


October 25, 2021

New Jersey (New Jersey MFA: [nuˈd͡ʒɝzi]) is a US state on the Atlantic coast; 20.2 thousand km2, 7.9 million inhabitants; Trenton Administrative Center, major cities: Newark, Jersey City, Patterson, Elizabeth; the territory (mostly lowland) is very urbanized, many industrial enterprises (printing, computers, medicines, clothes), intensive farming (vegetables), dairy farming; resorts, recreation centers. Largest cities


About 200 km of coastline, including gambling business in Atlantic City and the Victorian Beach resort on Cape May; Delaware Water Gap; Princeton University, Morristown Historic National Park; Edison National Museum; Menlo Park; Walt Whitman's house in Camden; Meadows Stadium. Grown: fruits and vegetables, fish and shellfish, produced chemicals, pharmaceuticals; soap and detergents; transport equipment; oil refining. Famous people: Stephen Grain, Thomas Edison, Thomas Payne, Paul Robson, Frank Sinatra, Bruce Springsteen, Woodrow Wilson, John Bon Jovi. Language structure of the population Ukrainians in New Jersey Of particular importance to Ukrainians is South Bound Brook, a town in Somerset County. It is known, among the diaspora, as "Ukrainian Jerusalem" for its Ukrainian church-memorial complex (Ukrainian cemetery of St. Andrew the First-Called).


The lands of modern New Jersey were colonized in the 17th century by the Dutch (New Netherlands), ceded to England in 1664, and became a state in 1787. One of the first 13 states.

Administrative-territorial system



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