New York


January 22, 2022

New York City (MFA: [nuːˈjɔɹk] or The City of New York) is the largest city in the United States, located on the Atlantic coast at the mouth of the Hudson River. Population - 8,175,133 people (2010), urban agglomeration - 19 million people. The population estimate for 2018 is 8.4 million people. New York - one of the world's largest trade and financial centers (New York Stock Exchange, multinational corporations); large industrial center (clothing, printing, vehicles, food) in the United States and North America; a conglomerate of ports, New York is connected by a system of canals with the Great Lakes; large transport hub (air transport); numerous high schools (Columbia University); Metropolitan Opera; large parks (Central Park); the main part of the city - Manhattan; museums, art galleries; architectural monuments of the XVII and XIX centuries; numerous skyscrapers, mostly in Manhattan; many monuments (including T. Shevchenko in Arrow Park); Statue of Liberty. The UN headquarters is located in New York. According to a survey conducted by Forbes magazine among experts in 2010, New York was ranked among the twelve most beautiful cities in the world. There is a large Ukrainian diaspora in the city, the Ukrainian Church of St. George and various Ukrainian organizations.


An alternative Ukrainian name for the city is New York.


The Italian navigator Giovanni da Verrazzano (1485-1528) reached the Gulf of New York in 1524, and Henry Hudson explored it in 1609. The city was founded as a trading post in 1614 by the Dutch. In 1624 the Dutch founded the settlement of Manhattan, and in 1626 the fortress of New Amsterdam, the center of the Dutch colony of New Netherlands. In 1664, it was captured by the British, who met no resistance from Governor Stauvesant, after which the city was renamed New York (New York), in honor of the initiator of the capture - the Duke of York. During the War of Independence in 1776-1784, British troops occupied New York. Between 1785 and 1789, it was the first capital of the United States. Since the end of the XVIII century - an important port and center of trade, industry, finance, political and cultural life of the country. The five districts were united in 1898, and the city occupies today's territory. Contemporary

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