Nick (uprising)


January 22, 2022

The Nica Rebellion (Greek: Στάση του Νίκα) was a revolt in 532 in Constantinople against the Byzantine Emperor Justinian I over tax oppression, government oppression, and the persecution of pagans and heretics. The name comes from the exclamation "win!" with which the rebels attacked the imperial troops. Prerequisites for the uprising The Byzantine emperor Justinian I, who came to power in 527, began to pursue a policy of strengthening centralized power. He began to control the actions of the Senate, the army, the fiscal service. Due to the increase in construction and hostilities, taxes have risen sharply. The emperor also began to interfere in religious affairs, he decided the church's property and religious dogmas. Justinian brutally persecuted heretical teachings, including Monophysitism. At the racecourse, where chariot competitions were held, the fans formed "racetrack parties", which were called the colors of the chariots of the teams that participated in the races. These parties expressed the interests of individual social groups. The Venetian (Blue) Party was supported by representatives of the landed and bureaucratic aristocracy, and the Prasin (Green) Party was supported by representatives of the trade and craft classes, most of whom were Monophysites. On the holiday of January 11, 532, Justinian was present at the racetrack. Prasiny tried to express his dissatisfaction with the treatment of the Veneti, whom he supported, and demanded equal treatment. But the emperor did not listen to them, so the greens perceived it as an insult. A fight broke out between the fans with the victims, which went beyond the racetrack. The prefect of the city of Eudemon detained active participants in the clash from both parties, after the investigation identified people from different groups guilty of murder. He ordered four to be beheaded and three to be hanged. During the execution, the gallows was broken twice by hanging, as a result of which two people from different parties survived. The people who watched the execution repulsed them and they found themselves in a church that had the right of ecclesiastical refuge. By order of the prefect, the church was surrounded by soldiers. Prasiny and Veneti united to obtain pardon for the convicts.

The beginning of the uprising

January 13 at the racetrack during the next competition, represent

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