Okean Elzy


May 19, 2022

Okean Elzy (abbreviated as OE) is a Ukrainian rock band formed on October 12, 1994 in Lviv. The leader and vocalist of the band is Svyatoslav Vakarchuk. Audiences and critics have repeatedly recognized Ocean Elsa as the best rock band and the best concert band in the post-Soviet countries and Eastern Europe [source?]. In total, more than a million OE discs have been sold in Ukraine.


Until 1998, the Lviv period

In 1992, student Andriy Golyak (vocals) formed the band "Clan of Silence", which included his classmate Pavlo Gudimov (guitar), as well as acquaintances Yuri Khustochka (bass guitar) and Denis Glinin (drums). The band performed in the palaces of culture of their native Lviv. Two years later A. Golyak got married and left the band - "Clan of Silence" turned into a trio. In March 1994, the boys met 19-year-old student of theoretical physics Svyatoslav Vakarchuk. In the summer Vakarchuk came to the first rehearsal, and since the autumn the four rehearsed regularly and on October 12, 1994, it is believed that a new band was formed - "Ocean Elsa", which then played mostly a mixture of pop and lyrical rock music. Sviatoslav became her vocalist, as well as the author of most of the band's lyrics and music. In December 1994, the band performed their first four demos at the Galvox studio. The first serious performance took place on January 14, 1995 in front of the Lviv Opera House, which gathered 7,000 spectators. In the same year, as part of the author's music project "Ye" by the famous Lviv musician Oleg John, the band shot their first (unofficial) music video for the song "Long time ago" (directed by Volodymyr Zaykovsky) and performed at the Chervona Ruta festival in Lviv. In 1996, the band released the maxi-single "Glass House", which was distributed among fans. Beginning in 1996, OE began to perform actively - not only in Ukraine but also in Poland, Germany and France, took part in the Tavriya Games, and together with other Ukrainian bands performed on the same stage with Deep Purple during the Autumn Rock Marathon in Kiev. In 1997 the first significant solo concert of the band took place in Lviv. In April 1998, the musicians moved to Kyiv.

1998—2004, "golden" composition

Sviatoslav Vakarchuk won the election thanks to the support of the group members. In 1998, OE began work