Alexander I


August 13, 2022

Alexander I Pavlovich "Blessed" (December 12 (23) 1777(17771223), St. Petersburg - November 19 (December 1) 1825, Taganrog) was the Russian emperor from 1801. The eldest son of Emperor Paul I and Maria Feodorovna. In the last years of his life, he often spoke about his intention to abdicate the throne and "move away from the world", which after his unexpected death in Taganrog gave birth to the legend of "elder Fyodor Kuzmych". According to this legend, it was not Alexander who died and was then buried in Taganrog, but his double, while the emperor lived for a long time as an old hermit in Siberia and died in Tomsk in 1864.



Took the throne after the murder of his father Paul I as a result of a palace coup. In the first years of his reign, fearing revolutionary speeches and partly under the influence of his advisers, among whom were Ukrainians (Viktor Kochubey, Mykhailo Speranskyi, Vasyl Karazyn), he carried out a number of liberal reforms (the decree of 1803 on free farmers, the decree on allowing merchants, burghers and state peasants to buy uninhabited land, the opening of Kharkiv and St. Petersburg universities). From the second half of 1824, he traveled around the European part of the country. On October 3, he arrived in the Vyatka province and visited the village of Debyosy. He visited the Izhevsk plant, where he received 2 hunting rifles and a couple of pistols as a souvenir. Arsenal visited on the same day. He gave high marks to the plant and the command. The return route lay along the Zura-Balezino-Polom-Glazov-Slobodskyi-Vyatka route.

Reforms of Alexander I

Beginning of reforms

Alexander I ascended the Russian throne, intending to carry out a radical reform of the political system of the Russian Empire by creating a constitution that would guarantee personal freedom and civil rights to all subjects. He was aware that such a "revolution from above" would actually lead to the liquidation of the autocracy and was ready to step down from power in case of success. However, he also understood that he needed some social support, the help of like-minded people. He needed to get rid of the pressure from both the conspirators who overthrew Paul and those who supported them - the "Catherine elders". Already in the first days after his accession to the throne, Alexander announced that he would rule Russia "according to the laws and according to his heart" Kat