Orcs (Middle Earth)


May 25, 2022

Orcs - in the legend of John Tolkien fictional characters, servants of Melkor and Sauron.


The word "orc" comes from the Old English language. Tolkien himself claimed to have taken it from the medieval poem Beowulf to describe the giant monster Grendel. In later letters, the author wrote the word "ork." The self-name of the orcs according to the Black dialect is uruk. Westron, and Rogirik used the word orc. In his letter to Christopher Tolkien's son dated May 25, 1944, the father wrote: … I believe that orcs are no less real than any product of "realistic" literature: your sentimental descriptions give this tribe its due; that's just in real life, they are of course fighting on different sides. Because the "heroic novel" grew out of an "allegory", where good is on one side and all sorts of forces of evil are on the other. In real (external) life, people belong to both camps, which means multifaceted alliances of orcs, beasts, demons, simple, by nature honest people and angels. However, it is very important who your leaders are or not, they are like orcs in themselves! ”


One of the most complete descriptions of the appearance and character of orcs is given in the first novel "The Goblin, or There and From There": … The thing is that goblins eat horses, ponies, donkeys (and other much uglier things), and they are always so hungry. Goblins are cruel, cunning, with a wicked heart. They do not make good things, but everything is intricate. They are able to dig and dig, build burrows and tunnels, as they wish, no better than dwarves, only they cannot surpass the most skilful dwarven masters. All goblins are dirty, untidy. Hammers, axes, swords, daggers, kayds, and torture tools all work very well. And then they force all other people to produce things conceived by the goblin mind; various prisoners and slaves work on them until they perish in that suffocation, without light. It is very likely that the goblins invented all the machinery that has long troubled the world - especially ingenious means to kill many people at once - because they have always been fond of wheels, engines, explosions, and to do as little work with their own hands. They had their accounts with the Turin tribe. " Subsequent researchers of Tolkien's work, connecting St.