Panzernik "Prince Potemkin-Tavriya"


May 25, 2022

Prince Potemkin-Tavriysky (Russian: Князь Потомкин-Таврический) is a battleship of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Empire. Named after Grigory Potemkin. It is known that in 1905 it was the first in the history of the Russian Navy armed uprising of sailors. During the times of the Ukrainian People's Republic he was called "Fighter for Freedom", he was a member of the Ukrainian Navy.

Construction of a battleship

On December 7, 1897, the "supreme decree" of Emperor Nicholas II on the Maritime Department was issued, according to which the 8th (and last), within the shipbuilding program of the Russian Empire for 1882-1902, the battleship for the Black Sea was named "Prince Potemkin. Tavriya ». On December 15, 1897, the first horizontal sheet near the building was installed in the shed № 7 of the Mykolayiv Admiralty. The battleship was officially laid in the morning of September 28, 1898. The Nikolaev Naval plant which was created for a year before, mounted engine room and made towers of the main caliber. The author of the project and construction manager was a ship engineer of the Sevastopol military port Alexander Schott. It was built on the prototype of the squadron battleship "Three Saints", a revised project of battleships such as "Peresvet" (booking scheme is similar to the English battleship "Majestic"). For the first time, the battleship used centralized artillery fire control. In addition, it became the first ship of the Russian fleet with boilers for liquid fuel. The design tonnage of the ship is 12,480 tons, the actual 12,900 tons. The body is 113.2 meters long and 22.2 meters wide. The total power of the engines is 10600 hp. The speed of the full speed of the ship - 16.7 knots. On September 25, 1900, a commission of 5 naval engineers, headed by the port naval engineer Mikhailov and with the participation of O. Schott, the port engineer Antipenko, G. Ivanov, who supervised the construction of the ship's machinery, and the commander of the battleship Captain 1st Rank M. Bal signed an act readiness of the ship for descent and the need for its subsequent completion. "Prince Potemkin-Tavriya" was launched on September 26, 1900. The formation of the ship's crew began simultaneously with its bookmark. The 36th Naval Crew was created for this purpose. April 12, 1902