Panzernik (type of ship)


May 25, 2022

An armored (armored, battleship) is a type of warship that carries protection from thick armor plates.


In BD Hrinchenko's Dictionary of the Ukrainian Language, the word armor is given in the meaning of "cuirassier, armor" - that is, a soldier protected by armor, armor. As a counterpart to the Russian battleship, it is listed in the "Dictionary of Technical Terminology" edited by I. Sheludko and T. Sadovsky in 1928. Concluded in the 1970s, CYM-11 gives the parallel names of battleship and armored vehicle (the latter also means armored car and armored train), and the spelling through e of the battleship is marked "obsolete".


The battleship appeared in the middle of the 19th century as a result of increased artillery force. The first battleship, "Gloire" (La Gloire), was launched in France in 1859, after France, the production of battleships began Britain and other major powers. The first battles involving battleships took place during the American Civil War, where battleships proved very effective. As a result, they quickly supplanted unarmored battleships as the most powerful warships. The battleships were designed for a number of roles, including offshore battleships, long-distance cruisers and coastal defense ships. The designs of battleships also developed rapidly. Early battleships generally kept sails with steam engines, and many were built (albeit protected by armor) of wood. Soon the development of metallurgy and shipbuilding turned battleships into types of ships of the twentieth century. Naval tactics also underwent a period of rapid change, as navies sought to find the best ways to use battleships and interact with unarmored ships. The battleships developed at a time when there were few major naval battles, primarily due to British dominance at sea. However, British development was quickly adopted, and then caught up, by the navies of France, Russia and Germany. There is no clear end to the Armored Period, but in the 1890s it became difficult to design a large warship without metal armor at all, and the term "battleship" gradually fell out of use. New ships are getting white