Pedro de Mendoza


July 5, 2022

Pedro de Mendoza y Luján (Spanish: Pedro de Mendoza y Luján, 1487 - June 23, 1537) was an Italian-Spanish navigator, conquistador and explorer of new lands, governor of the territory of New Andalusia. Mendoza came from a wealthy family living in Almeria. He fought in Italy, attended the court of King Charles V of Habsburg, and organized a well-equipped expedition of eleven ships to South America. After stopping in the bay of Rio de Janeiro, he reached the mouth of La Plata, where in 1536 he founded the colony of Buenos Aires. Some inhabitants of the colony later penetrated deep into the continent along the Parana and Paraguay rivers and founded the village of Asuncion. Under the pressure of numerous attacks by local Indians on Buenos Aires, Mendoza decided to leave South America and return to Spain, but died on the way home.