January 22, 2022

Writer, writer - in a broad sense - every person who writes works (not necessarily artistic, scientific, poems as well), expresses their own thoughts, experiences and visions of the world in writing. In the narrow sense, he is the author of works of art; a person for whom literary activity is a profession. Synonyms for the word writer are a writer, a master of the word, a pen worker. Writer - the general name of the persons who are engaged in the creation of the texts intended, as a rule, for an indefinite circle of readers.

Origin of the word

The word "writer" of verb origin, came from the verb "write". Previously, textual works were really written "by hand". In the twentieth century, due to the development of science and technology, the conditions of writing changed, but despite the fact that most writers switched to typing on a typewriter and then on a computer, the word has retained its meaning.


A writer is usually a person for whom this occupation is the main or one of the main. In this case, a person for whom the creation of textual works is a permanent, main, or one of the main sources of income, is considered a professional writer (s). Both in Ukraine and in other countries there are professional writers' associations (creative unions, associations). The distinction between literary activity is most often based on literary genres, on the basis of which prose writers, poets, and playwrights are singled out. Often, such differentiation takes into account the genre preferences of the author. Therefore, we are talking about storytellers, novelists, novelists, novelists, essayists, comedians, etc. See also Graphomaniac Psalter Ukrainian writers Scholarship of the President of Ukraine for young writers and artists


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