July 5, 2022

Платформер (eng. Platformer), also known as Платформна гра (eng. Platform game) is a genre of video games, the gameplay in which consists of the character jumping on various platforms (hence the name) and through obstacles, collecting items, usually necessary to complete the level .


In platformers, the player controls a character who moves on moving or stationary platforms of different heights. In traditional 2D platformers, the character moves from left to right, some games allow you to move in any direction (usually puzzles). Sometimes movement is possible only forward and does not depend on the player's desire (autoscrolling). This element is rarely found in the entire game, most often in individual episodes where the character, for example, must run from danger. Some items, called power-ups (English power-up), give the player-controlled character additional useful characteristics, which are usually exhausted over time (for example: force field, acceleration, increase in jump height). Collectibles, weapons and power-ups are usually collected by simply touching the character and do not require special actions on the part of the player to use. Less often, items are collected in the hero's "inventory" and used by a special team (this behavior is more typical of arcade puzzles). Opponents (called "monsters" regardless of their appearance), are usually numerous and diverse, have primitive artificial intelligence, guided by which they try to get as close as possible to the player, or do not have it at all, moving in a circular trajectory or performing repetitive actions. A collision with an enemy takes away health points from the hero or kills him completely. Sometimes enemies seem to shoot or change when the player approaches, for example, suddenly release spikes. Enemies are neutralized either by jumping on them, or with a weapon if the hero has one. The death of living creatures is usually depicted simplistically or symbolically (the creature disappears or falls to the bottom of the screen). Levels often have secrets (hidden passages in the walls, power-ups hidden in high or hard-to-reach places) that significantly facilitate the passage of the game and fuel the player's interest. Games of this genre, for