Cosmonaut Square


August 8, 2022

Cosmonauts Square is a square in the Solomyansky District of Kyiv, Chokolyvka area. Located at the intersection of Chokolovsky Boulevard and Aviakonstruktor Antonov Street, Yerevan Street also begins from Cosmonaut Square. The quiet green square of Aviakonstruktora Antonov Street begins from Cosmonaut Square in the direction of Ushinskogo Street. The area is covered with asphalt. The square is equipped with an underground passage through Chokolivsky Boulevard with four exits (on different sides of Aviakonstruktor Antonov Street on both sides of Chokolovsky Boulevard), there are also overpasses through Yerevanska Street and Aviakonstruktor Antonov Street. According to the 2020 study, the Cosmonaut Square is one of the elements of the future development of the "Velika Chokolivka" district (Chokolivka in its broad limits). According to the researched ideas of residents of Velika Chokolyvka, Cosmonaut Square is one of the key semantic landmarks in the area.


The area where the Cosmonaut Square is now located was once on the edge of the sacred pagan Shulyavsky Grove, which was later named the Cadet Grove. In the same area, the stream Kadetskyi Gai could flow, which in the 1950s was closed by a collector. Lenin Boulevard (now Chokolivskyi Boulevard), which arose at the turn of the 1920s and 1930s, initially extended only to the area of ​​Cosmonauts Square, in the 1950s years was extended to the railway, as a result of which in 1957-1958 Cosmonauts Square emerged as a square without a name. The modern name — since 1962 "in honor of the feats of Soviet cosmonauts." There are bomb shelters in the old Stalinist buildings along Cosmonaut Square. From the moment of its foundation, Cosmonaut Square was administratively located on the territory of the Railway District of Kyiv, and in the course of the territorial and administrative reorganization of Kyiv in 2001, it ended up in the Solomyanskyi district of the city. The 1962 satellite image shows that at first Cosmonaut Square was accessed not only by Aviation Street ( now Aviakonstruktora Antonov Street) on two sides, Yerevan Street and Lenin Boulevard (now Chokolivskyi Boulevard) on two sides, but also Kerchen Street. However, later the exit from Kerchenska Street to the square was blocked by building No. 19 of Chokolivsky Boulevard. Since that time, Kerchenska street