Uprising on the battleship "Prince Potemkin-Tavriya"


May 19, 2022

The uprising on the battleship "Prince Potemkin-Tavria" (also known as "indignation", "disobedience", "open resistance", "revolt", "revolt") - one of the most notable events of the revolution of 1905-1907 in Ukraine and the first case of armed rebellion of an entire military unit during this revolution. It took place from June 14 (27) to June 25 (July 8), 1905. During the natural indignation that began due to poor quality food, the sailors seized the ship in their hands, killing some of the officers. Lacking a clear plan of action, the rebels sailed to Odessa to replenish coal, water and food supplies, support anti-government protests in the city and meet with the main forces of the Black Sea Fleet, which the rebels believed would join the uprising. After the plans and hopes of the rebels did not come true, the battleship, marching to Constanta, and from there - to Feodosia, eleven days later surrendered to the Romanian authorities, returning to the port of Constanta. The uprising on the battleship deepened the crisis of power in the Russian Empire and had negative foreign policy consequences for it. Estimates of the uprising in Russia changed in line with the changing ideology in the country - from negative in imperial Russia to the absolute heroization of the uprising and its participants in republican and later Soviet, although various aspects of the uprising in these periods were covered quite objectively. In post-Soviet times, the history of the uprising was either silenced or distorted from the standpoint of discrediting or hypertrophying its national component.

Events that led to the uprising

Historical background

The situation in the Russian Empire until the end of the spring of 1905 was complicated by the following foreign and domestic political factors: The unpopular war in the Far East with Japan brought defeat to Russia both on land (surrender of Port Arthur at the beginning of the year, the failure of the Battle of Mukden in March) and at sea - in May 1905 in the Battle of Tsushima to the Russian Imperial Navy. The Far East was dealt a crushing defeat. The ships of the Russian Second Pacific Squadron that perished near Tsushima were ships of the Baltic Fleet of the Russian Empire.