Truth (newspaper)


January 22, 2022

Pravda is a newspaper that has long been the daily central organ of the Bolshevik Party (RSDLP (b), RCP (b), VKP (b), CPSU) and the most influential Soviet publication, in fact the country's main newspaper. Awards: two orders of Lenin (1945, 1962), the Order of the October Revolution (1972). Now - the body of the Communist Party, published three times a week. Circulation in June 2010 - 100,300 copies.

Creating a newspaper

The VI All-Russian (Prague) Conference of the RSDLP (B) decided on Lenin's initiative to publish a mass working Bolshevik daily newspaper, and on April 22 (May 5), 1912, the first issue of Pravda was published. At the time, Pravda was not an official organ of the Central Committee of the RSDLP (B), as was the illegal Social Democrat newspaper, which was published abroad and imported into Russia illegally. Even before that, from 1908 to April 1912, first in Lviv and then in Vienna, the popular social-democratic newspaper Pravda was published under the editorship of LD Trotsky, the international department of which was headed by AA Joffe (the so-called "Vienna" Truth "). The publication of the second newspaper of the same name provoked sharp controversy, including even the appeal of the German Socialists as arbitrators, but this did not lead to anything, and the name "Truth" remained with Lenin's newspaper. The circulation of the newspaper was about 40 thousand copies, sometimes reaching 60 thousand.

Pre-revolutionary period

The newspaper was closed several times, but continued to be published under other names: in 1913 - "Working Truth", "Northern Truth", "Labor Truth", "For Truth", in 1914 - "Proletarian Truth", "Way of Truth". , "Worker", "Labor Truth". July 8 (July 21) 1914, before the First World War, the newspaper was banned permanently. "Truth" in 1917. German funding After the February Revolution, Pravda began publishing on March 5 (March 18), 1917, as a body of the Central Committee and the St. Petersburg Committee of the RSDLP (B). The circulation of Pravda reached 85-90 thousand copies. According to archival documents from the German General Staff and the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs discovered after World War II, the newspaper was actively funded by Germany through Parvus through banking agents and members of the Bolshevik Central Committee of the RSDLP (B) in neutral Sweden. State Secretary (Minister of Foreign Affairs)

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