Rulers of Poland


August 8, 2022

The King of Poland is a title used to designate the rulers of the Kingdom of Poland, and later the Commonwealth of Nations. The first Polish king was Boleslaw I the Brave. This title existed from 1025, the date of the coronation of Boleslav the Brave, until 1795, inclusive, until it was banned by the Russian imperial authorities. Subsequently, it was restored several times. There were no kings in Poland in the years 1031-1295, 1306-1333

Piasts are the princes of the glades

Piasts - princes and kings of Poland (until 1138)

Period of feudal fragmentation

The Piasts are the rulers of Kraków

The Przemyślóws are the rulers of Kraków

Other principalities

Piasts are Polish kings

Anjou Dynasty

Jagiellons - kings of Poland

Full title: King of Poland, lands of Kraków, Sandomiria, Syradia, Lechia, Kuyavia, Grand Duke of Lithuania, Lord and heir of Rus, Pomerania, etc. Vladislav II Jagailo — 1387—1434, Vladyslav III Varnenchyk — 1434—1444, Casimir IV Jagiellonian — 1447—1492, Jan I Olbracht 1492—1501, Oleksandr Jahellonchyk 1501—1505, Sigismund I the Old 1505—1548, Sigismund II August 1548-1572.

Elected kings of the Commonwealth of Nations

Kings of Poland, Grand Dukes of Lithuania, Grand Dukes of Russia, etc. Henry III of Valois 1573-1574 Anna Jagiellonka 1575—1596 Maximilian II 1575–1576 Stefan Batory 1576—1586 Maximilian III 1587–1589 Sigismund III Vasa 1587-1632 Vladislav IV Vaza, 1632—1648 Jan II Casimir, 1648—1668 Mykhailo Vyshnevetskyi 1669—1673 Jan III Sobesky 1673—1696 Francois Louis Bourbon-Comte 1697 August II the Strong, 1697-1704 Stanislav Leshchynsky 1704—1709 August II the Strong 1709—1733 Stanislav Leshchynsky 1733—1734 August III Frederick, 1734-1763 Stanislav August Poniatovsky 1764—1795, (recanted).

Division of the Commonwealth of Nations

Duchy of Warsaw

Grand Duchy of Krakow (1846—1918)

Kingdom of Poland

Personal union with Russia Alexander I 1815—1825, Nicholas I 1825—1831 Polish Uprising 1830—1831 Provisional government 1831. The power of the Russian emperors 1831-1917 Nicholas I 1831—1855, Alexander II 1855—1881, Alexander III 1881—1894, Nicholas II 1894-1915 (Poland is occupied by German and Austrian troops)

Kingdom of Poland (1916-1918)



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The history of the titles of the rulers of Poland