October 25, 2021

Praha (Czech: Praha) is the capital and largest city of the Czech Republic, the administrative center of the Central Bohemian Region, as well as its two districts, Prague-West and Prague-East. Prague is located in the western part of the Czech Republic, in the historic region of Bohemia. In the X-XII centuries Prague was the capital of the Czech principality, in the XII-XVIII centuries - the capital of the Czech Kingdom, in 1806-1867 - the capital of the Czech kingdom as part of the Austrian Empire, in 1867-1918 - a provincial city of Austria-Hungary, in 1918–1939 and 1945–1948 - the capital of the Czechoslovak Republic, in 1939–1945 - the German protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia, in 1948–1990 - the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic, in 1990–1992 - the Czechoslovak Federal Republic, and since 1993 - the capital of the Czech Republic. Prague is known for its poetic names: City of One Hundred Towers, Mother of Bridges, Golden Prague.


The official symbols of Prague are the flag and the coat of arms. The flag of Prague is a rectangular banner with an aspect ratio of 2: 3, it consists of two equal horizontal stripes of red and yellow. The flag is sometimes used with the coat of arms of Prague on it. The coat of arms has a Spanish-shaped heraldic shield and is painted purple. In the center of the shield is a stone fortress with a double gate and three towers. The gate to the fortress is open, the lattice is raised. At the gate you can see a hand wrapped in silver knight's armor and a clutching sword.


The name of the city comes from the Czech word práh, which means threshold. According to legend, its founder was Prince Krok, whose daughter, the seer Lyubusha, pointed out the place for the construction of the hail and prophesied great glory to him. The first historical data on the settlement of the Slavs in modern Prague date back to the VI century. However, the first settlements in the modern city date back to the Paleolithic. In the second century BC. BC in this area settled the Celts, who in the first century BC. BC supplanted the Marcomanni, and possibly the Svevi. The oldest castle in the city, Prague Castle, was built on the left bank of the Vltava River in the IX century. Since then, Prague has become the capital of the Czech principality, at the end of the same century a market square was built in the city. In his message, a Jewish merchant from Cordoba, Spain

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